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You’ve completed YIP, now what? From internships to our Junior Board, there are a number of ways
you can stay involved with YIP and continue to be a change-maker in your community.

YIP Junior Board

The YIP Junior Board offers alumni of the Youth in Philanthropy program (and their friends and peers), opportunities to engage in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, while igniting unique leadership opportunities within their communities.

YIP Junior Board Members

Brigid Belger

Caroline DeHaven

Sofia Garcia

Jack Gray

Katarina Guerrero

Kate Guttilla

Rohan Kapur

Sookyeong Kim

Eva Kuruvilla

Emily Meng

Patrick Murphy

Griffin Palefsky

Sophie Schneider

Katie Schuster

Benjamin Scire

Neha Shabeer

Nicole Svingen

Jordyn Tobasky

Ashwini Vytheswaran

Alyssa Winn

Alex Wojcik

Grant Wu

Volunteer With YIP

Looking to gain additional leadership experience while giving back to YIP? The Foundation for MetroWest is often seeking YIP alumni to volunteer for internships and instructor’s assistant positions! Contact us for current opportunities.

Fundraise With Us

Are you hosting an event, running in a race, or looking to raise money for a worthy cause? Why not try fundraising for Youth in Philanthropy! It’s easier than you think. Contact us to learn more.

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Alumni Highlight

"Once our mentors and teachers took a step back, it was really eye opening to see what we could accomplish on our own and everything that we did as a group."

– Ben, Hopkinton YIP Alumni

"This is what I love about YIP. A single conversation can lead to the start of change in a community, as I was lucky enough to witness this past year. YIP has given me so many amazing opportunities to meet other young philanthropists and change-makers that I would never have met otherwise."

– Sofia, Nashoba Brooks School YIP Alumni

There are a number of other ways you can stay involved with YIP including donating to the program, signing up for the Foundation’s newsletter, and following us on social media! Contact us to learn more.

My mindset on the needs that exist in my own community has completely changed and I can't wait to take what I have learned in YIP and use it to give back in a more meaningful way - for all of my life.

– Ashwini, Sudbury YIP Alumni

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